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Great Ways to Boost Your Career Now

These handy tips on ways to boost your career will help you get on the right path to success.Have you reached a lull or crossroad in your career path?  Are you just starting out and are not sure where to go from here? Would you like to see better results from your efforts at work?


1  Make a Plan

Map out where you see your short term or longer term goals and what steps will be necessary to reach them. This will be your roadmap for career success. Look at what skills and experience you will need to get there. Find a mentor who can guide you.  Ask advice of senior colleagues or business contacts who may have travelled a similar path. Review your plan regularly to make sure you are still on track and not getting left behind.

2  Read a book on self development

If you only ever read one book on the subject, it has to be How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It has sold over 15 million copies since it was first published over 80 years ago and is widely recognised as one of the most influential books of all time. Although the language and references are a bit dated, the wisdom and psychology is just as applicable today. This book is a must-read for the world’s most successful leaders, including a young Warren Buffet. It gives valuable insights into handling people effectively and how to be a likable, persuasive and influential leader. All qualities guaranteed to boost your career and essential for long term career success.

3  Network – build strong relationships

A solid network of business associates can be very important to your future career development. This network may consist of colleagues, customers, clients or prospects. It can be a source of friendship, advice and support. These are also the people you will need to rely on for referrals or recommendations. Get out and meet the people in your industry and re-connect with old contacts through the web. Use Facebook, Linkedin or whatever social media you are comfortable with. Become active in a trade organisation or your college alumni group. The better your relationships are, the more options and opportunities you will have as you progress.  Remember that book How to Win Friends and Influence People? Keep it handy!

4  Never stop learning – keep improving your skills

To boost your career take a course on a topic that will complement your existing job. If you are in sales or business development, take a course in digital marketing. If you are a web designer, try a course in social media or search engine optimisation. Combining complimentary disciplines will make you more desirable in terms of employment. If you are thinking about changing your career path, it is a great time to reassess your qualifications and training. Even a short course in the right subject, along with your existing experience will make a difference. There are many online courses available that you can do at home in your own time. You will also find lots of free online courses available and some normally paid courses offered free to new students.

5  Study your industry – leaders / customers / competitors

Follow industry leaders you admire. Linkedin is a good source for this. They select and invite 500+ of the world’s top leaders and innovators to be “Influencers” on their platform. Join relevant forums and try to contribute. Get involved in discussions and comment on posts that interest you. Set aside some time every week to read articles & blogs relevant to your industry. Communicate with your customers and get their input. Subscribe to an RSS news feed from websites you want to follow. You will get automatic updates about new content without having to check the actual site regularly.

6  Don’t forget to laugh!

A good hearty laugh is good for your health.… And it’s free.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins which promote a sense of well-being and can also give temporary pain relief. It can reduce stress and depression, can strengthen your immune system and may even increase your lifespan. A scientific study in Norway has actually found that if you have a good sense of humour you are less prone to death from infection by 83% for women and 74% for men.  Laughter draws people together and it’s contagious.  People with a good sense of humour are better able to direct a conversation to their advantage. This can show confidence and leadership and help to build those important networks for the future. Before you start working on your new comedy routine remember, what is appropriate in the pub is unlikely to be appropriate in the board room so consider your target audience carefully!

If you follow these 6 ways to boost your career you will be surprised at how quickly you will begin to see results.

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