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“One of the longest established Recruitment Agencies in Dublin”


On this page we provide a brief overview of our business and what we offer our customers, both clients and candidates. Find more detailed information on our Recruitment Services with helpful tips and resources in the client and candidate areas.

About Bond Personnel

At Bond Personnel we offer a personalized recruitment service to all of our clients. We are recruitment specialists committed to providing a superior service and developing lasting relationships with all of our customers, both clients and candidates. You can trust us to deliver on what we promise. We take pride in matching the right person to the right job.

Bond Personnel was set up in 1997 by John Doupe, a former Director of “The Marlborough Group”, Ireland’s largest recruitment firm at that time and the first Irish Recruitment agency to partially float on the stock exchange. John has been a recruiter for over 20 years and was previously an IT Consultant in Ireland and The UK.  He has a strong technical background and ongoing interest in IT, new technology in particular. This has given the business a huge competitive edge when it comes to filling technical vacancies at all levels.


Employers Services

So why choose us? The importance of choosing the right recruitment partner can’t be over stated. At Bond Personnel we take pride in adding real value to your recruitment process. At every step of the process we will have your interests at heart. We will give you the best advice to ensure that you attract and retain the best talent.

Employer Branding is something much neglected in the SME sector.  However, with the right guidance, you can become an Employer of 1st choice for some of the top talent available. This will reduce your dependence on using recruitment agencies at all. That’s OK with us.  We’ll always be there for those difficult situations when you really need to use an outside recruitment expert. Check out our client page for a full list of our recruitment services.


If you’re an experienced professional, looking for a new challenge, then you’ve taken the first step in the right direction. We won’t make any promises that we can’t deliver on and we will be upfront and totally honest at every step of the process.

If your CV is rubbish, we’ll tell you, and help you put it right. If you need to work on your interview technique, we’ll guide you.

Having great skills and experience is obviously very important but landing that dream job requires insight and preparation.  If you don’t have the tools to get an interview, it just won’t happen.  If you are not properly equipped to perform when you do get in the door, it can be to no avail. Check out our Career Advice page for useful resources, interview tips and videos.