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While the Irish recruitment industry has grown and evolved over the last 30 years, the same model for engaging a recruitment agency hasn’t changed. In our opinion, this model, known as contingency recruitment, is flawed and offers a poorer quality service.

What are the Benefits of Retained Recruitment?

We firmly believe that a retained recruitment service is a superior alternative and will offer better long-term results to employers seeking to hire the best talent available. In a retained search model a single recruitment agency is engaged exclusively for a specific assignment, a small portion of the fee is charged up front (engagement fee), and the balance is paid when the project is completed successfully.

This model may go against everything a client/employer has come to expect in a recruitment service but, once the benefits are fully explained, it really is a “no-brainer”. We find that once an employer experiences our retained recruitment service, there is no desire to revert back to a contingency recruitment service. With the exceptional service clients receive through this model our retained search solution is a much better option.

Contrary to what many recruitment agencies might say, finding good talent is not the most difficult challenge, the most difficult challenge is actually producing a quality service within the contingency model.

Leap into 2018 with our executive recruitment agency in Dublin● In a retained search model you eliminate the clutter, i.e. the 80% of assignments that will never yield results.

● This means the recruiter can focus on the one assignment for which they are assured to get paid and on the needs of the client who has shown faith in the service they offer.

● As the recruiter has already been paid a small retainer fee they can justify additional costs on advertising meaning they can spread a wider net.

● The recruiter can allocate additional internal resources into proactively finding the right match.

● As a recruiter, they are more engaged with the client and get to understand their needs more completely, which results in better service and a better long-term outcome.

Retained Search is not just for Senior-Level Executives

Many employers think that retained search is only for senior-level executives and that the costs are prohibitive. Neither of these has to be the case if you choose the right recruitment partner. Located in Dublin 2, Bond Personnel are always looking to improve our service offering and one way we achieve this is by making sure our current and prospective clients are well aware of the benefits offered in our retained recruitment service. If you are interested in filling an important job vacancy within your organisation, please give us a call, and we can answer any questions you may have. You can always find us on Facebook by visiting our Bond Personnel Facebook Page.

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