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Contingency  Recruitment


The Contingency Recruitment Model

Most companies, when engaging a recruitment firm, will do so on a contingency basis. Put simply, this mean you pay absolutely no fee until we have successfully identified a suitable candidate for your vacancy and  that person is subsequently hired.

It’s a “no cure, no pay” principal and has advantages and disadvantages. While we offer this service to all our clients we do find that many, particularly those who don’t have their own HR Department,  will opt for the more complete and cost effective retained solution.

There are two main advantages of the contingency model:

  1. You pay absolutely no fee until a successful candidate commences employment.
  2. You can have multiple recruitment agencies working on a position at the same time at no additional cost.

The key to successful recruitment lies in both understanding and ability. We make it our business to understand your business. We take that knowledge and apply decades of experience and, using the most advanced and feature rich technology, we can rapidly identify the best available talent for you.

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