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New Technology is the Future for Recruitment.

In the current market, information technology is advancing at an extraordinary rate.  Keeping up with developments in new technology is crucial to the success of most businesses. Recruitment is one such area where identifying the right candidate can take up a huge amount of resources without the right systems in place. Often, for a skilled or senior position, the best candidate for a vacancy may not even be looking for a move. You need to identify the right person for the job AND have the skill and experience to offer the opportunity in a way that makes it irresistible. That is where Executive Search comes in!

To effectively source the right candidates, it is important for your recruitment agency to understand the company, the ethos and even the personalities involved. Not every candidate who matches a vacancy specification on paper will be a good fit for that company.

In 1997 when Bond Personnel was initially set up, we implemented what was, at the time, an advanced computerised CRM. Since then, the evolution of the internet and global connectivity have vastly changed the technological landscape. Earlier this year, we took the decision to investigate what newer systems were available on the market. We have now sourced and implemented what we believe is the best recruiting CRM system available today. Voyager Infinity allows our recruiters to work from anywhere and remotely access the full database system online. We can now search multiple sources from within the system and add candidates to our database instantly. The CRM system, with a host of new features and seamless automation, simply helps us find the best people faster.

We are looking to the future and embracing new technology. Join us!

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