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Retained Recruitment Service


Why choose Retained?

By retaining Bond Personnel to focus on a specific recruitment project you can significantly reduce recruitment costs while quality levels will be optimized through a mutually agreed SLA.

In addition:

  • All advertising costs are included in our retained service fees.
  • Executive Search techniques are applied where appropriate at no additional cost. This means we tap the wider talent pool, including “passive candidates” i.e. those who are not actively seeking new opportunities but who could be persuaded if approached with the right opportunity.
  • You can focus on your core business when we handle the recruitment.

Improved Service, Reduced Costs

No Obligation, No Brainer!

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Because it's better than Contingency!

Put simply, contingency recruitment is a “no foal no fee” service. In other words, if the recruiter does not find a suitable candidate for your job vacancy then you pay nothing.

Sounds great, but is it?

  • Statistically, a recruiter working on a contingency basis has to work 5 or 6 assignments to be guaranteed one fee.
  • Therefore 80% of their efforts do not result in a fee and only 20% of their focus is on the job that they will ultimately get paid for, meaning quality has to be compromised.  Often good candidates are overlooked and poor candidates are included just to make up numbers.
  • If 80% of contingency assignments result in no fee that means that the remaining 20% are subsiding the costs involved in providing a service to those 80%. Basically, you are paying for someone else’s lunch.
  • If you retain Bond Personnel to fill your job vacancy we can eliminate the noise (the other 80%) and focus on your vacancy thus improving quality and leaving scope to significantly reduce your costs.
  • Our retained service allows our recruiter to become fully engaged in the process and in effect become part of your team during the assignment.  They will have no agenda other than to find the very best candidate for you.
  • Finally, top-tier talent takes retained search more seriously, they are far less likely to apply for a job they see advertised by multiple recruiters.
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