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At Bond Personnel we are committed to providing quality, cost effective recruitment services for employers. We are unique among Irish recruitment agencies as the only agency in Ireland who can offer a custom-built online recruitment website myjob.ie. We offer both Contingency Recruitment and Executive Search solutions in Ireland. These are fully explained below. Whatever your needs we are happy to tailor a solution to suit.

The key to successful recruitment is both understanding and ability. We make it our business to understand your business. We take that knowledge and apply decades of experience. Together with the most advanced and feature rich technology, we can rapidly identify the best available talent for you.

In-House TA and HR Solutions

We provide a dedicated (full or part time) Talent Acquisition (TA) and HR resource for your business.  This model provides the highest quality, and most cost-effective results, even for a business with a modest growth plan.

Our CIPD qualified consultant will also advise on (and implement if required) HR Policies, Procedures and Succession Planning strategies, which are vital for any vibrant business. Our client pays a flat daily rate which is all inclusive of advertising and resourcing costs. Our consultant can be based on site, or remotely at our offices, depending on their needs. See this case study which demonstrates the effectiveness and savings of such a solution. 

Contingency Recruitment Service

Put simply, this mean you pay absolutely no fee until we have successfully identified a suitable candidate for your vacancy and  that person is subsequently hired.  It’s a “no cure, no pay” principal and has advantages and disadvantage but is the most common recruitment model in Ireland. In recent years some of our clients have moved away from this model to a retained service solution which can be more cost effective and efficient in the long run. 

Retained Recruitment Service & Executive Search

By retaining Bond Personnel to focus on a specific vacancy you can save up to 50% on fees while quality levels will be optimized through our SLA.



  • All advertising costs are included in our retained service fees.
  • Executive Search techniques are applied where appropriate at no additional cost.

Only a very small portion of the the top talent is actively seeking new career opportunities at any given time. If you only search the “actively looking” talent pool, you are missing out on exceptional candidates for your vacancy. At Bond we specialise in finding passive job-seekers. These are quality individuals who are not actively looking but may be receptive to an interesting opportunity if presented to them in the right way. Executive Search was traditionally something  reserved for Senior Management or Highly Sensitive Roles but today these techniques are used for a broader range of High Demand/Short Supply Candidates, particularly in the IT sector. Most Executive Search firms charge a premium rate for such a service but our pricing model represents a considerable saving on contingency based recruitment fees. In short, this has become the “go to” method of recruitment for many of out clients as it offer a more focused and cost effective solutions that consistently delivers ahead of contingency recruitment. For a more detailed overview see our retained service section or contact us for a free (no obligation) consultation on any role you may have difficulty filling.

Skills Assessment and Online Training

To help you recruit “the right people to the right roles” we have a range of online assessment tests which will assist you in the selection process.

  • We have a wide range of Microsoft Office assessments (including simulated tests) as well as assessments for software development, technical support, contact centre, language assessment etc.
  • If we don’t have an assessment that suits you then we can build one based on your specific requirements.
  • In addition, we have online training courses available to help your new (or existing) staff up-skill. Online training is available for Microsoft Office, Sage, Customer Service Techniques, Management and Leadership etc.
  • This service is free if the candidate was introduced for interview by Bond Personnel. For candidates not introduced by Bond Personnel, individual assessments are available for just €25 + VAT.  Please contact us for more details  

Personality Profiling

Just because someone has the right experience for your vacancy does not mean they are right for your company. Some may not even be right for the career they have chosen. Many failed recruitment hires happen simply because the candidate selected for the position did not fit the Company “culture”. In other words, the skills match was right but the personality fit was poor. If after a first interview you feel that the candidate has the right skills for the job but you are unsure if they would “fit in”, then we suggest personality profiling to help you make the right decision. Our profiling system will identify the main personality traits of an individual based on the four key behavioural characteristics: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. We will provide you with a comprehensive report. From this you can identify key strengths and weaknesses and analyse how these might affect their performance within the job. It will also indicate how they would interact with managers and colleagues. We can further profile the ideal personality requirements for any difficult vacancy, and compare this to potential candidates under consideration. This is based on the internationally established DISC theory. The DISC system is a proven methodology and has been used to create accurate profiles of people from all kinds of organisations, in all kinds of roles, all over the world. This is the latest development in DISC theory and sets the new standard in behavioural profiling. It even helps you to interpret and analyse the results in easily understandable and comprehensive reports. The result is clear, objective information for better decision-making. This service is free if the candidate was introduced for interview by Bond Personnel. For candidates not introduced by Bond Personnel, profiling is available for just €50 + VAT per profile. Choosing the wrong candidate can cost thousands of Euro in recruitment fees, training and lost opportunity. Personality profiling is a cost effective way of reducing the risk of such expensive mistakes.

Online Recruitment Solution

We are the only Irish recruitment agency that can offer you an online recruitment service www.myjob.ie where you can post your vacancy online. Myjob.ie is was developed by Bond Personnel in 2001 and as such is one of the most mature Irish job boards. Your vacancy will be matched against an existing database of registered job seekers. Relevant candidates will be alerted by email allowing them to apply directly to you without you incurring any further charges. We call it our “virtual recruitment agency”. Should you, as a Myjob.ie customer, not fill your vacancy through Myjob.ie, then Bond Personnel will undertake to do so for you, should you so choose This would be through our contingency recruitment service, offering you a 25% discount off our standard agency fees. Please contact us for more details.

Our Technology and Recources

How we do it

  • We make it our business to understand your business.  This makes the search and selection process more accurate and more efficient.
  • Technology has always been key to our business. We use the most sophisticated recruitment software available giving us a major competitive edge over most the competition.
  • A well maintained database and network built up over decades.
  • A significant online presence, including our own job board (www.myjob.ie) which we set up in 2003.
  • Networking through all the major social media channels.
  • Referrals. So important, and thank you!
  • Decades of experience delivering quality results.
  • Hard work and perseverance, we never give up.



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